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May 20, 2014

Los Altos, CA (May 20, 2014) - Digital Mountain, Inc., a leading national provider of Universal Discovery Management solutions, including electronic discovery, computer forensics, cyber security and a next-generation Web-based platform, FileQuest®, announced it has received Safe Harbor Certification from the US Department of Commerce. The European Union (EU) and the United States (US) have differing views on the protection of privacy for their citizens, and the Safe Harbor Framework helps to ensure the privacy and security of personal data originating in EU member countries. The Safe Harbor Certification provides assurance to EU organizations and agencies that Digital Mountain has taken required steps for implementing personal data privacy protections.

The EU’s Directive on Data Protection requires companies to follow certain privacy protection standards included in the Safe Harbor Framework, in order to legally transfer personal data to non-EU venues. “Digital Mountain expanded globally through partnerships many years ago,” stated Julie Lewis, President and CEO of Digital Mountain. “The Safe Harbor Certification represents a natural evolution for our company to better service and protect our global customers through a more formalized process and program. This exemplifies our company’s continued commitment to global business and data discovery security.”

Digital Mountain’s Safe Harbor Privacy Policy that covers notice and choice, disclosures and transfers, data security, data integrity, access and correction, and enforcement and dispute resolution, can be found at http://www.digitalmountain.com/EUsafeharbor. The Department of Commerce publicly lists Safe Harbor organizations, and the Federal Trade Commission is responsible for enforcing compliance among organizations that have certified adherence to Safe Harbor requirements. Please learn more about the Safe Harbor program by visiting http://export.gov/safeharbor/

About Digital Mountain
Digital Mountain, Inc. is a leading provider of electronic discovery, computer forensics, cyber security and next-generation Web-based solutions for accelerated native file filtering, review and production. Customers include marquee law firms, corporations and government organizations on a global basis. Digital Mountain’s solutions enable electronic evidence collection and access to data from heterogeneous operating systems, storage media and applications. Digital Mountain’s on-line, on-demand solution provides the first end-to-end solution for electronic discovery. Founded in May 2003, Digital Mountain is a privately-held company headquartered in Los Altos, CA. For more information about Digital Mountain, please visit www.digitalmountain.com.

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